Presenting…”The Three Little Pigs (and baby!)

Momma and Papa pig wanted to have a wee baby still at home, since the 3 pigs moved out to build their own house!

After reading several versions of the story, the children retelling the story to their friends, creating the story through origami folding…it was time to share what they knew with an audience.

We invited the TK and State Preschool programs across the street, as well as parents, teachers, and friends.  It was packed house!

At the end, after receiving all the applause and appreciation they surely deserved (this was a month’s work), the children passed out homemade oatmeal cookies to thank everyone for coming and supporting their effort and hard work.


We later met to reflect on how the actors felt, and when I asked if they wanted to do another play…..a loud “YES!” was said by all.

On this day, everyone stood a little taller, had a bigger smile, accomplished more than they thought they could, and took a GIANT step towards kindergarten.

It was a good day!

Mahealani Bernes, Marin Learning Center

The Marin Learning Center of the CAM Child Development Program, provides early
childhood education and care services for eligible low-income working families.  


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