Marin Head Start Works to Meet National Performance Standard Changes

For the first time since 1975, the Office of Head Start has revised the performance standards that advise our program practices.  The new performance standards have been simplified and take an intentional look at quality practices.

As an example, one of the standards is being written to increase program hours to full day/full year by 2021.  Another performance standard speaks to participation in the Quality Rating of Instructional Systems (QRIS) from the State.  This is a program Marin Head Start is already participating in.  Other examples include a change in qualification for staff, staff wellness  and implementing a reasearch-based coaching model into our classrooms.  Additionally, the guidance in this process allows Head Start programs greater flexibility in how we will demonstrate meeting the performance standards.  Through the use of ongoing monitoring, data systems and our own creativity we believe we can rise up to meet the standards.

The Office of Head Start has informed us to get rid of the old performance standards to embrace the new.  Our program is embracing this opportunity and will experiment and take risks until we have reached the quality changes as guided by the new performance standards.

–Kelsey Lombardi, Manager

Marin Head Start Staff Support and Child Outcomes Manager


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