Marin County is a Unique Place to Live and Work

Marin County is a unique place to work and live.  With all the wealth and beauty that surrounds us, we sometimes forget that for some, life in this county can be a challenge.  With this dichotomy in mind, there are two critical things you can do this November.

First, vote Yes on Marin County Measure A.  With one in every three children in Marin County not attending pre-school, Measure A will ensure that ALL children who live here have access to a quality pre-school education.

Second, attend the Marin County Equity Summit convened by Community Action Marin and held on November 10th at the Marin Center.  Out intent is to explore the inequities in our county, to call out the history and impact of race and segregation, and to begin the creation of a Living Equity Agenda for our county.

As Community Action Marin celebrates its 50th year of serving the low-iincome families in our community, we are thrilled to have you join in the conversation and be a part of making Marin County a place that is equitable for all of our residents by supporting Measure A and attending the Marin Equpity Summit.

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