Program Director
Dawn Hensley


Marin Health and Wellness Campus
3230 Kerner Boulevard
San Rafael, California 94901



Family Partnership Guiding Principles

The Family Partnership Program seeks to build true partnerships with families and professionals. Our guiding principles help to ensure that service plans are strengths-based, culturally sensitive and meet the unique needs of each family in ways that are respectful and family-centered.

Family Partner Can Help Families:

  • Listen to concerns and problem solve with family members
  • Assist families in searching and accessing appropriate services
  • Encourage family participation in supporting mentally ill adult, child or family member
  • Supply educational materials
  • Provide information about support groups, workshops and conferences
  • Inform family of their rights and the limits of family involvement
  • Receive complaints and follow up on concerns regarding Marin County Mental Health
  • Liaison between family members and Marin County Mental Health
  • Provide Positive Parenting Classes (in English and Spanish)
  • Provide information and help in accessing resources in the community
  • Provide support during acute crisis

Our team of 6 Family Partners is comprised of parents and family members who have faced similar challenges in their own lives. We have learned where to find resources and locate services and are here to share this knowledge with other family members. We have also learned the importance of self care and assist families in assessing their own self-care needs. As members of the Marin County Mental Health System of Care, we work in collaboration with Mental Health, Social Services, Juvenile Justice, Education and many other agencies within the Marin Community in serving families struggling with mental illness.

Serving all of Marin County.

Contact Information

Adult Mental Health System

Linsey Maldonado-Sciutti  415.473.4382

Family Partner for Youth and Family Services

Michelle Kemp  415.368.5221

Family Partner for Youth and Family Services–Bi-lingual Spanish

Rosa Lopez  415.240.6920

Adult Mental Health System–Bi-lingual Spanish

Gloria McCallister  415.473.2261

Family Partner for Youth and Family Services

Leticia McCoy  415.473.3649

Family Partner for Youth and Family Services–Bi-lingual Spanish

Maria Garcia  415.473.4169

Youth Mentor for Youth and Family Services

Larry Jean  415.450.0105

Family Partner for Psychiatric Emergency Services

Anne Lauver  415.473.4182