Child Development Program

  • Overview

    A home-away-from home to help the children of Marin thrive.

    For over 30 years, Community Action Marin has operated Child Development Centers from West Marin to Marin City, San Rafael to Novato, to provide quality early learning, play-based, and social-emotional experiences for children in our care.  Our work partnering with families has meant side-by-side goal setting based on mutual respect, equity, inclusiveness, and cultural responsiveness so that children and families thrive.



    Child Development Program, By The Numbers

    Percentage of families with children under 18 in Marin County who have low enough income to qualify for subsidized child care
    Cost of child care is 39% higher in Marin County than in California overall
    Number pf children ages 14 and under living at or below the federal poverty line in Marin County

    This program has been a second home to my son and it has given me the opportunity to grow professionally.

    Leydis Mata, Parent & Agency Staff Member

    Success Story

    Mary's Family Recovers

    My husband had an accident at work and he was hospitalized for several months. He fell from the roof of a house and had a fracture on his head. He was in the hospital for a week without improvement. It was traumatizing for my daughters and me. I have three girls and when the oldest and second found out about the accident they did not know how to react, but with the help of the teachers, the girls were able to overcome this trauma. During this process, the center and the agency helped me a lot. They helped me with my daughters, in accommodating my schedule because I had to help my husband in his recovery and they helped my girls with the mental health consultant. I am very grateful to the center and the agency for the help and support that they gave my family through this difficult time.

  • Locations

    Marin Learning Center

    • Child Development Program

    Marin Learning Center, 100 Phillips Drive
    Sausalito, CA, USA
    Lic #213001599

    Bolinas Children's Center

    • Child Development Program

    270 Elm Road
    Bolinas, CA,
    Lic #210108492

    Canal Childcare Center

    • Child Development Program

    215 Mission Avenue
    San Rafael, CA
    Lic #214005192

    Manzanita Children's Center

    • Child Development Program

    Manzanita Children’s Center
    620 Drake Ave.
    Marin City, CA 94965
    Lic #214005030

    Hamilton Child Development Center

    • Child Development Program

    Hamilton Children’s Center
    5520 Nave Drive
    Novato, CA 94949

    Child Development Center
    Lic #210110094 (preschool)
    Lic 210111538 (school age)

    Hamilton Head Start
    Lic #213002658 (infant)
    Lic #213001939

    Hamilton B5 (Hamilton Elementary School)
    Lic #214005268

    Las Palmas Child Development Center

    • Child Development Program

    Las Palmas Children’s Center
    531 Hamilton Parkway
    Novato, CA
    Lic #210108891

    Old Gallinas Children's Center

    • Child Development Program
    • ECE Project Partners

    Old Gallinas Children’s Center
    251 N. San Pedro Rd.
    San Rafael, CA 94903
    Lic #210108890 (preschool)
    Lic #210108889 (school age)

  • FAQ

    How much does it cost?

    Child Development Program offers child care services on a sliding scale depending on your income and family size.  State funding helps subsidize the cost so we can offer lower pricing to families.

    How do I sign up?

    We have limited slots for children and cannot always offer a space for every child seeking our services.  The first step is to apply for services (click on the Apply button) or contact us for information at 415.526.7500.  Our Intake Specialists will take your information and have a Child Development Program Enrollment Staff contact you.  If we cannot offer your child a slot immediately, we will put you on a waiting list.

  • Events
    ¡Viviendo Verde!
    September 21, 2019 10:00am

    ¡Viviendo Verde!

    Community Action Marin is pleased to present the ¡Viviendo Verde! Family Fair, a celebration of healthy living for families in our Child Development Programs. The event highlights a new era of “going green” at Old Gallinas Children’s Center, and will feature healthy food, games, a bounce house, a Farmer’s Market, garden demonstrations, tastings, a storyteller, and smoothies made with the blender bike. Organized by the Parent Advisory Council, all enrolled families from our Child Development Programs are invited.

    * Volunteers needed to help with setup 8am-10am, and breakdown/cleanup 2pm-4pm.

    ¡Viviendo Verde! Family Fair for CDP Families
    at Old Gallinas Children’s Center 251 N San Pedro Rd # D, San Rafael, CA 94903
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