brighter futures.

Giving people a step up.

Making ends meet

Putting recovery
within reach.


Our Vision

All of us in Marin have an equal opportunity
to live our lives with dignity and respect.

We’re working to help everyone here thrive.

Our Services

We break down the barriers that get in the way of anyone in our community being able to support themselves and each other.

Children & Family Services

We give children a safe, caring, home-away-from-home to have fun, learn and explore.

Safety Net

Covering unexpected financial emergencies like rent, utilities and car repairs.

Mental Health

We help people and their families access the tools they need to manage a successful recovery.

Economic Opportunity

We help individuals and families with low incomes increase their self-sufficiency and quality of life.

The Issues

These problems are only getting worse. Help us fill in the gaps so people can lift themselves up.

How much a family of four needs to cover their basic needs
How much 20% of people earn a year. This is even worse for people of color
The rise in the cost of living in Marin since 2014


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