Kidney Community Education

Kidney Community Education

Do you or someone you know have a health challenge, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or polycystic kidney disease? Have you or a loved one experienced the financial burden of a health challenge?  KCE cares!

KCE Program Goals

  • Build and improve access to kidney health resources
  • Provide timely, tailored education
  • Provide tools that lead to self-sufficiency on the road to transplant.

The Challenge

As of November 2016, over 122,000 people are waiting for organ transplant throughout the Nation.  In California alone, over 21,000 people are waitlisted for a kidney transplant.  Due to a severe organ shortage in California, thousands will endure grueling dialysis with a 5-year survival rate of approximately 35%. After 10 years, only 10.5% have survived. The failure to meet this demand has sparked a paradigm shift, from sole reliance on deceased donor kidneys to living donation. Some are actively embarking on altruistic living donor searches. Innovations such as kidney paired exchanges and Web profiles and campaigns have created lifesaving options where none existed.

Who We Serve

The KCE Program serves Marin County’s low-income and disenfranchised adults, youths, and families. Participants must be adults over the age of 18, or in the company of a parent or legal guardian. Consultations by appointment based on availability. Consultations are also available to medical providers and ancillary professionals. CAM, the KCE Program and its volunteers do not provide medical advice, therapy, or make medical decisions. For medical questions, please consult your physician.

What We Do

KCE provides education, guidance, and information to help you connect to local and national resources.  By receiving kidney education, clients learn how to navigate the complex medical pathways in today’s healthcare arena.  The KCE program was created as a safety net for those caught between the challenge of a life-threatening health condition and constructive  solutions. We bridge the information gap between a diagnosis and an action plan.

  • Learn “action steps” to guide you through your challenges; Kidney health mentors and coaching;
  • Youth Education – Presentations for High School Health and Science Classes;
  • Phone support for the home-bound;
  • Community outreach and presentations.

The Vision

We are working toward a future in which everyone who hopes for a kidney transplant receives one.

KCE Core Values

  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Confidentiality
  • Excellent guidance

How to get help

  • PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS – free services are delivered based on need and trust to those clients whose incomes fall at or below approximately 200% of the Federal Poverty Guildelines;
  • PROFESSIONAL INQUIRIES – consultations are fee based at the rates noted below;
  • KCE on-site consultations, by appt. M-F, 9 am to 5 pm. Private, confidential, HIPAA compliant; assessment of client’s current situation and development of action plan;
  • Phone consults by appointment
  • Coaching time $125.00/1st hr.,  $100.00/hr. thereafter; sliding scale for low-income

Note:  A typical initial consultation (intake, assessment, beginning of action plan) lasts approximately one and a half hours, and subsequent meetings 75 minutes.


We are excited about the ability to serve more clients and families in the coming year.  The KCE Program is sustainable only with your help.  Your tax deductible donations ensure that more people will receive the gift of a healthy, productive life.  If you’d like to help, please make your check payable to: CAM/KCE

Attention: Shar Carlyle, Program Director
P.O. Box 2862
San Rafael, CA 94912
For more info. Email: or ph.: (415) 526-7523


In 2008, in response to a nationwide gap in vital information for adults with kidney challenges, cofounders Shar Carlyle and Jerome Strom paired up to launch Strom Kidney Education Fund. In 2010, to better reflect our mission the program was renamed Kidney Community Education, “The KCE Program.” We gratefully acknowledge Jerome Strom.  We are also grateful to Community Action Marin for serving as our Fiscal Agent.

Program Director
Shar Carlyle
P.O. Box 2862
San Rafael, CA 94912
Tel 415.526.7523
Fax 415.457.9677