Community Action Marin was incorporated in 1966 with an initial $40,000 Federal Grant. In 1967, the Marin County Board of Supervisors designated CAM as the county’s official antipoverty agency. Our mandate was, and is, to eliminate the causes and consequences of poverty in Marin County. Community Action Marin has gained valuable experience in diagnosing poverty conditions and operating needed and responsive programs. In the past, the Agency was known to raise the level of social tension within the County in order to bring attention to the needs of its clients.

For nearly 50 years, Community Action Marin –

  • Has helped over 150,000 Marin residents in their quest for self-sufficiency
  • Has graduated over 30,000 children from its day care centers
  • Has served over 2.5 million meals to low-income children in its Child Development facilities
  • Was one of the first providers of HIV/AIDS services in Marin and continues to offer a wide range of support services
  • Created California’s first large-scale mental health program run for and by mental health clients

CAM possesses the maturity and credibility to develop social programs that meet Marin’s many challenges and deal with poverty on a comprehensive basis. For example, CAM established Ritter House, Homeward Bound and the Food Bank to counter the problems of homelessness and hunger, and currently, CAM provides services in areas such as employment, basic human needs, childcare, substance abuse and mental health. The Agency remains committed to a broad array of resource development and service delivery activities thus prompting our “many threads, one cloth” theme. Community Action Marin is Marin’s largest private social services agencies, with over 250 employees, a staff of committed Program Directors, an active Board of Directors, and an Executive Director that has served the agency since 1990.

Community Action Marin –

  • Benefits over 4000 people every day
  • Serves 1500 meals a day to needy children in Marin
  • Meets the needs of the community in the workplace, on the streets and in the home
  • Provides legal activism for the mentally ill, who often are not able to seek assistance on their own
  • Is a first resource of emergency resources and financial and professional help for many of Marin’s residents
  • Serves as fiscal agent for agencies that do not have adequate administrative or support services
  • Operates 15 diverse social service programs