About Us

Community Action Marin is a private, non-profit Agency which as been designated as the primary anti-poverty agency of Marin County. As a Community Action Agency, we are charged with speaking for those without a voice, advocating for social justice and equity, and creating an environment which promotes opportunity, self-sufficiency and hope for all our community members.

CAM is governed by a tri-partite Board of Directors, consisting of elected public officials or their appointees, representatives of the Agency’s client population and individuals from the private sector.  This unique board structure empowers clients to participate in the response to local poverty issues while at the same time public and private representatives gain a better understanding of those issues confronting low-income people in Marin.  These members offer their unique perspectives and expertise to the policy-making and business of Community Action Marin.


Mary Wong, Interim Executive Director

Central management and core activities of the Agency are provided by its central administrative unit and financed through direct and indirect federal, state, local funding as well as private foundation grants and donations. Day-to-day responsibilities include program planning and development, grants and contract administration, accounting, human resources, program evaluation, facilities management, disaster preparedness, client advocacy and resource mobilization.


From the beginning, CAM has acted as a laboratory for innovative methods of addressing causes of poverty in Marin.  Many successful local programs originated within the Agency including the Marin Food Bank, Ritter Center, the Farmer’s Market and Homeward Bound.  Today, CAM’s practical and timely programs emphasize education, nutrition, mental health, emergency services, asset development and more.


The Agency works to provide rapid response to clients facing a personal or economic crisis.  Such events can plunge families into desperate cirumstances such as loss of home, jobs, household goods, credit, and other hardships.  The Central Administration’s Client Advocate is available to those who have not found services elsewhere.  Call (415) 526-7500 for assistance.